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My first article appeared in the student newspaper of The London School of Economics, The Beaver. Just 22 years later my second appeared, in Tatler. Interviews, reportage and assortments have followed in The FT Magazine, The FT Weekend, Time Out, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Independent On Sunday, Conde Nast Traveller, The Daily Telegraph Magazine and Economist.com.

A former advertising copywriter, I willingly write copy for money (clients have ranged from the International Committee of the Red Cross to Alton Towers). My poems have appeared in poetry magazines such as Ambit, Envoi, Orbis, The Frogmore Papers, Smith’s Knoll and The Rialto, and The Spectator. I live in London with my wife and our three children.

You can contact me on 07979 536 256 or at flanagan@dircon.co.uk

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